Tools for Selling Remotely

In the absence of face to face meetings and physical sales opportunities, how do we make sure that our customers and prospects know what we have to offer?

1. Digital Brochures

If you usually rely on corporate brochures or product catalogues there’s no reason why these still can’t be used to their full advantage. Rather than posting them or taking them out on your sales appointment, upload them to your website and tell people where they are. They can be converted into digital flip books, to make them more appealing and act more like a virtual presentation. You should also incorporate data capture to get an email address/contact details so you can follow up any leads. Those that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer can easily access the document in the click of a couple of buttons and will not be afraid to enter their email.

2. Using promotional materials in Social Media

Promotional flyers and leaflets can also come into their own in the digital arena. When using social media channels, your can use an image from your leaflet/brochure – pictures paint a thousand words and we’d much rather see something visual than sift through reems of content. Briefly make your point within the post itself and then upload the relevant flyer image alongside it.

Calls to action - Engagement is what we are all after with our social channels, so it is important to add a call to action to click a link to your website, to make contact, or send an email directly to your inbox. If you understand what challenges your targets are trying to overcome, and your social post answers these, then you will receive real time enquiries. With all the digital platforms available to us in these times of remote working, there’s no reason to miss out on opportunities.

3. Branded Backgrounds

Given that many meetings are now taking place online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, there’s an opportunity for brand awareness without being an obvious ‘sell’. Instead of your plain home office backdrop, or the photos of you enjoying your favourite tipple on holiday, you can have a customised corporate background that you can upload to your online meeting. It might not be as interesting for the nosey people on the end of your webcam, but it will keep them focused on you and what you’re saying, as well as reinforcing your brand identity and key messages.

4. Don’t compromise quality, just because it is online

Whether you’re using E-newsletters, Google Adwords, Social Media Channels, Website landing pages or any other digital means of reaching your target audience, make sure not to compromise on quality. Just because you’re not printing your sales collateral, you still need to consider the visuals and messaging. Make sure what you’re presenting is consistent and matches your brand identity and the rest of your marketing. For more info about brand identity, have a look at another of our blogs here

It is easy to use images online and many of us ‘do it ourselves’– however, it is important that our company core values and standards are not compromised. The quality of your message and the link between your image and message, well thought through graphic design materials are essential to effective Marketing, both online and offline. Keep the level up, keep it consistent and invest in your marketing materials wherever they are. If your sales materials are produced professionally with consistent thought to branding and messaging, and you combine this with a well-thought out digital strategy – where and how you are going to use these digital documents - there are many ways that you can still be ‘in the room’ without actually being in the room.

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