Graphic Design - Is there more to it than 'colouring in'?

The term Graphic Design can cover a multitude of areas, but why is it so important to get it right, and why is it so much more than ‘colouring in’?

We’ve recently had a number of graphic design projects for both existing and new clients. These have ranged from case study books, to motivational wall boards, to exhibition stands and window graphics.

Graphic Design is the way in which text, images and colours are combined to communicate your key corporate messages and values. It takes skill and experience to design something to ensure your target audience understand what you do and who you are. It’s easy to create something that looks good but combining visuals and messaging to communicate effectively to your prospects and clients (internal and external) can be a challenge.

Sometimes when you are in a very practical and competitive environment eg. solicitors, accountants, where really the only difference between you and the competitor is your people - design can be vital in providing that ESP (emotional selling point) that subliminally communicates your corporate personality and the reason to choose your business over another. It has been said that 80% of the sales decision is based on emotion, it is the use of colours, fonts and images that create that emotional connection and give people a reason to buy. This then needs to be applied consistently across everything that you do.

All this means that if you use Professional designers to work on your visuals and messages, the resulting creativity and consistency will elevate a brand above and beyond the competition and provide: ‘loyalty without reason’

Graphic design is not easy and is certainly not ‘just colouring in’, understanding the target audience and creating that emotional experience to drive them to buy is a skill that only experience can provide.

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