Why SEO isn’t the silver bullet some people think it is…

In this day and age, digital marketing is a surefire way to make sure you’re connecting with your audience, customers & prospects.

Quite often we hear from a lot of people that they would like to boost their SEO and 'get to the top of Google'. Like most things in Marketing however, the key thing to ask yourself before you approach a Marketing agency, is ‘Why’? 'Why do you want to do SEO?'

Here’s our top 3 reasons why SEO isn’t the investment you need to make:

You’re unlikely to be at the top of Google

Depending on the search terms you’re focusing on, regardless of whether you’ve invested £1000’s in to SEO or not, you’re unlikely to appear at the top of Google. Like most big tech names (Facebook, Google, Bing), they don’t really care about how you’re doing ‘organically’, they want you to pay for an ad.

 So, depending on the search terms you are focusing on, you could actually be half way down the first page below Ads, Image results, featured snippets, directions and the rest. Far from the top of Google.

There’s more to it than you think..

As much as SEO is about well-coded sites, alt tags and engaging content, there’s also the age-old necessity of backlinks.

Google uses backlinks, alongside its rankings of your website code, alt tags and content to decide how highly it ranks you against your competition.

So, as much as you can invest in the technical aspects of SEO, unless you’re also investing in ‘Digital PR’ & link-building, you’re still unlikely to find yourself at the top of Google for more generic terms. It's also quite likely that your competiton likely has a bigger budget than you, that's where you've got to get clever in how you choose where to optimise.

It’s not a quick fix

If you’re looking for quick results, cross SEO off your list. SEO is a long, drawn-out investment & requires constant engaging content, backlinks, blogs & visuals.

However, this is where Pay Per Click & Paid Social come in to the equation.

Pay Per Click advertising on the likes of Google & Bing are more likely to deliver more results quicker, with the ability to have your campaign running and delivering traffic to your website within a day, it's the same with paid social.

What’s more, is with PPC & Paid Social, you can be a lot more granular with your targeting, making sure you’re only reaching out to those who have a specific interest in your service or product.

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