Why it's essential to think about smart phones in digital marketing

We live in a technology crazy world, where we find it very hard to be away from our smart phones for more than 10 minutes at a time, in fact research has shown that the average smart phone user checks their phone 9 times an hour, and in some high frequency cases, once every six seconds! We are a culture addicted to them, me included, in fact I've probably checked my phone about 5-6 times while writing this paragraph.

But as marketers, this gives us a unique opportunity to reach people where it never used to be possible, everywhere. Literally everywhere, at work, on the bus, walking in the park, sat on the toilet (you get my point); this unique opportunity is something that marketers need to grasp with both hands and run with (if you haven't already).

But what can you do to reach this sea of consumers, swimming in the mobile digital world? Here are a few ways:

Optimise your website for mobile browsing

Research has shown that by 2015 mobile search queries will overtake desktop queries , in the UK, 52% of UK smartphone owners search online daily using their smartphone. With these facts in mind, it's essential that your website is optimised for smartphones and tablets, your website needs to be easy to navigate on a mobile device, be aesthetically pleasing and function quickly. Your website should be designed for a range of screen sizes from desktop, to tablet to smartphone. What is important to note as well is Google have released an update that highlights mobile friendly sites, which website do you think consumers would be more likely to click on, one that is shown to be mobile friendly or one that isn't?

Optimise your website for mobile browsing

Utilise mobile ppc ads

Google adwords is a marketing channel most marketers should be familiar with, but have you considered the mobile ppc ads? They are something to think about, research shows that smartphone and tablets account for 32% of paid search clicks and 25% of all ppc ads spend. But what can you do to ensure your ads provide you with a ROI?

  • The landing page
    The page your ad links to is essential, if it's not optimised for mobile search then what's the point, you've just wasted your money! People expect a good mobile experience, and you should offer that!
  • Ad extensions
    Ad extensions are extra information you add to your ads (obviously, right?). The most important one to add for your mobile ppc ads would be the phone number, this then turns into a button that will call your business when clicked by the user. Another ad extension that might be useful for local businesses is the location extension, showing where your business is, and also including a map reference.
  • Keywords
    The ads for mobile users are even shorter than they are for desktop users, so you need to keep it short and sweet with keyword rich headlines and ad info. This will ensure a better CTR and better conversions.
    Highlight the benefits- You haven't got many words to rely on so don't squander them babbling on about how good you are, highlight the benefits of your product or service and then back it up with evidence on your landing page.
Utilise mobile ppc ads

Mobile apps

Mobile apps have been around since about 2008, and if you have a smartphone I guarantee you use at least one app a day, in fact research shows that 86% of users time spent on a smartphone is using an app. Personally I can think of apps brands have produced that have made my life a lot easier, the reason they have made my life easier is the usability.

I and many others would much rather click an app and it take me exactly to where I want to be rather than opening up my the web browser on my phone, typing in the company, then having to log in if you're buying something . It's all about reducing the amount of clicks it takes to get to the desired location, consumers want information in the fastest way they can get it, and for most this is an app.

Mobile apps

Mobile marketing is here to stay and smartphones are only going to get more advanced and have more features packed into them, for this reason it's your responsibility as marketers to utilise these mobile marketing techniques and diversify yourself from the competition that may be lagging behind, if not you could be the ones who lag behind.

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