What's Pizza got to do with digital marketing?!

Today's the day, the one we've all got in our diaries, the day we've been looking forward to for months, THE BIG DAY! That's right, it's the infamous 'Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies' Day! 

Firstly, let us take this opportunity to say Happy ‘#pizzawiththeworksexceptanchovies’ Day! Everyone loves a pizza, so we’ve put together how using a ‘Pizza with the works, except anchovies’ approach for digital marketing might actually be the way to go to grow your business and reach your business goals.

Often we hear people saying, ‘I want my branding like this’, ‘So & so says I need to be on Facebook’ or in food terms; ‘I want it ALL, I’ll have the full works, with a side of Google Ads, a glass of Search Engine Optimisation & a plate of social media management!’ Which is all well and good, but the question to ask yourself is, have you really thought through what you want on your pizza (digital marketing) before you ordered it? Have you asked the waiter their opinion? Or have you ordered the wrong thing, forgetting about the anchovies and all-in-all you’re now just too full to face any of it!?

This is where the anchovies come in to the equation. For every business, there’s usually some aspect of digital marketing that doesn’t quite fit in with what you need or what’s going to achieve your business goals. Take a sports club for example; Twitter, Facebook, Google My Business, a strong website and maybe even TikTok are ideal and perfect for driving engagement, increasing awareness and making the customer journey easy. In pizza terms, we can probably agree, this is the perfect order; not too much and none of those pesky anchovies! However, add a side of LinkedIn or Google Ads to the plate, and you’ll likely find they don’t sit quite right on the pizza, a little bit like anchovies!  

Now, that’s not to say that occasionally you shouldn’t try anchovies on your pizza, there’s nothing better than trying something new and the same thing can be said for your marketing plan. To really see how things work, add a test of a new channel in to your plan, test a new tone of voice, or try a new method in one of your current channels.

So how do you make sure you get the right pizza?

The best way to order a pizza is to take a good, detailed look at the menu, making sure you’re ordering what you need to fill you up, not ordering that extra portion of chips (when the waiter’s told you that you won’t need them, you just think you want them) and making sure you’ve got your toppings sorted (avoiding any nasty surprises!). Strangely enough, digital marketing is exactly the same. The best way to get your plan in place is to take a long hard look at your strategy, making sure it’s right for you, not using a platform that doesn’t really work for your target audience, and making sure that you don’t end up with anchovies and things in the plan that don’t suit your business goals!

That’s why, with Keane, we’re always on-hand to make sure you really do want the anchovies & will definitely advise against them if we don’t think they’ll work for you! Now go and enjoy your pizza, mine’s without anchovies!

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