What does Full Service Marketing Agency actually mean?

What does ‘Full Service Marketing Agency’ ACTUALLY mean and why choose one?

When meeting prospects or attending networking events we introduce Keane as a ‘Full Service Marketing Agency’ but what does this actually mean? For those who’ve not worked with an agency before or used different suppliers for different projects (one for web design, one for print etc.) it can be a confusing concept.

All the Experts under one Roof

In a nutshell ‘full service’ means we offer the full arsenal required for making your marketing work. We have a raft of experts in their field all working under one roof - from web developers to graphic designers, content writers to digital marketing managers all with a shared in depth understand of your business, your objectives and the techniques and strategies to apply to get you there. With a full-service agency, you can expect a cohesive approach to your projects and with all the experts in one place there are certainly going to be cost savings. Whilst each marketing tool that is used in your business must have its own distinct objectives they must integrate with the overall strategy and be consistent – having an experienced team in one place who understands the overall strategy will offer reduced costs, increased flexibility and lowered risks at the same time as delivering meaningful, results-driven marketing.

Saving you Time

Using individual ‘experts’ in separate companies can be challenging and time consuming to ensure that they all work together to achieve the unified marketing approach that your business needs to grow. If there is a particular service that the full service agency has to outsource, such as print and photography, they are well placed to use your brand values and objectives to ensure they pick the right one for you – again saving you time and effort. No need for you to spend time briefing lots of individuals or holding ‘beauty parades’ to source the most effective supplier.

Choosing the Right Agency

When deploying an integrated marketing strategy you should consider finding an agency with a strong leadership team that can ‘talk your language’ and manage the experts to deliver on brand and to budget. Do not be wowed by creativity or complicated technical ‘chat’, they must be people you can talk to with the right mix of creativity and understanding of your brand and sector.

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