Underfloor Heating 1 invest in the future

Following an upsurge in the number of people carrying out home improvements throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Underfloor Heating 1 (UFH1) have taken the opportunity to invest in the future of their business through new marketing techniques, channels and tools.


After seeing Keane's 'Mustard Business System', Underfloor Heating 1 decided to investigate the benefits that Mustard Business System could bring to them through the effective management of customers, data and customer segmentation for marketing. We are now working with them to bring Mustard to life for UFH1.

Print Marketing

Constantly looking for new and innovative ways to reach different audiences, Keane had a conversation with publishers for the Guardian & Telegraph's home improvement inserts, and with a short turnaround time, designed, developed and sent UFH1's advert to print.

From this, UFH1 saw a 45% increase in website sessions and 11% increase in website conversions following the print inserts.

Google Ads - Value-Based Bidding

Looking to extend the success throughout their Google Ads account, Keane proposed a new 'Value-based bidding' approach to prioritise serving ads to those customers who are most likely to spend. After feeding the necessary information into their Google Ads account, Underfloor Heating 1 enjoyed their highest Return On Investment since implementing the new strategy through Google Ads with an ROI of 894% in September.

Facebook Ads

Considering growth opportunities and new audiences to target, Keane proposed testing a Facebook Ads campaign, targeting specific interest-based audiences highlighting the benefits of the products and services that UFH1 offers.

With the relevant tracking in place and effective campaign setup, UFH1's Facebook Ads campaign delivered a positive Return On Investment of 1,365% after month 1.

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Essential Guide to Online Marketing

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