Top Tips to Keep on Top of Your Marketing during Covid-19 pandemic

Whilst we are all trying to navigate the rapidly changing and somewhat uncertain landscape surrounding us during this unprecedented Coronavirus Pandemic, we thought we’d share some helpful hints and tips to stay focused and on top of your marketing.

1. Now is not the time to stop your Marketing efforts

It’s very rare that any marketing activities you implement will deliver immediate results. What you’ve been doing over the past 3-6 months (as long as it’s been consistent) is probably responsible for the leads and enquiries you’ve received recently and therefore, what you do now will have an impact on your business in the next 3 – 6 months. When Covid-19 has gone, and it will go, you need to be ready to hit the ground running and get back up to full speed as soon as possible. You won’t be able to do that if people don’t know you’re there.

2. Don’t cut your communications – internally or externally

Given that a good many of us are now working remotely and are finding different ways to communicate, you need to ensure you keep all of your stakeholders up to date on what’s happening. Your customers, clients, suppliers and staff will all be keeping an eye on what’s happening and will want to know how you’re doing. It doesn’t have to be War and Peace length updates, but regular posts on social media channels such as Twitter or LinkedIn can just help to keep everyone in the picture. Don’t forget your internal communications at this time either. It’s likely that your team will be feeling a bit discombobulated if you’re not used to remote working and keeping each member up to date with how the business is doing, and what colleagues are working on too will help to maintain the team unity.

3. Use your time wisely

In these uncertain times it’s easy to panic and make snap decisions. Don’t! If you can afford to keep your marketing spend at the same levels, use it to focus on the things you never seemed to get round to – get your content together for the brochure you’ve not managed to complete, pull together the information on recent projects to create some enticing case studies, keep everyone up to speed with news articles on your websites. We often hear from clients that “we’d love to do that, we just don’t have the time” well, time seems to be something we do have a bit more of now so if you can, use it wisely!

4. Diversify, and don’t be afraid to do so

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, with the incredible online technologies we have available in today’s digital world, we don’t necessarily have to do the ‘invention’ part. If you usually deliver training courses at a venue, deliver them digitally now. Instead of face to face meetings, hold webinars. Send e-newsletters, keep up to date with leads and enquiries through a web-based CRM system, create downloadable PDFs for your technical spec / data sheets. The technology is already there to do it so you just need to find the people with the right expertise to deliver it.

5. Stay positive and pro-active

These really are unprecedented times and no one really has any concrete answers so it’s absolutely normal to feel unsure about what to do. Talk to colleagues, industry associates, mentors, experts in respective fields, whoever you feel is right. There will be differences of opinions - Joan round the corner has become a virology health expert overnight – but if you’re able to be positive, be proactive and focus on things you can do, then you’ll be better prepared for when this pandemic is over and we get back to ‘business as usual’.

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