Schools Go Online with PE Portal

Doncaster based P.E. provider Your P.E approached Keane to work with them to deliver their new subscription based online portal for the provision of schemes of work for PE lessons in schools.

Managing Director Owen Wedgewood had specific, unique required outcomes from the website /online portal and therefore needed a bespoke solution that could be tailored to his exact requirements.

The provision of general P.E lessons in schools by a dedicated P.E. teacher has changed in recent years meaning that P.E lessons are not necessarily being taught by class teachers. Your P.E provides specialist schemes of work that allow both teachers and pupils access to the tools and resources they need to create a positive relationship with PE, School Sport and Physical Activity.

More than just a website, the system includes class registers and progress tracking reports for individuals and groups. Impact reports generated using the flexible assessment and tracking process provides evidence suitable to be supplied to OFSTED. The website also offers multi model subscription packages – either an ‘off the shelf’ pre-defined package or a more bespoke package created specifically for a school’s particular requirements. The CMS allows for the creation of discounts and renewal of subscriptions and thanks to a Stripe payment integration, payment can be taken online.

Due to the nature of the schemes of work, the website allows for the use of unrestricted content style formats – be it written documents, visual aids, or example videos, all easily added through the bespoke CMS. The lessons are formatted to a suggested structure based on 1 hour time slots, however, activities are completely interchangeable and can be selected through an activity library, allowing a learning experience to be created that is suitable to individual schools varied and unique delivery.

Working with schools in the local authority and with enquiries to provide support further afield, the web portal was developed to be scaleable and future proof removing the need for costly and time consuming redevelopments.


Working With

  • We Can Grow
  • MPM
  • Mud Mate
  • AGW
  • Rejus
  • ORB Recruitment
  • Leeds Welding Company