Perceptions and Attitudes

Perception - the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. A belief or opinion based on how things seem.

Talking with a client the other day about a new project they’ve got in the pipeline, they made the comment “we’ve come to Keane because we know you, and we know you’ll deliver”. While this is always reassuring to hear, it made us think about those people who don’t know us – those who’ve not yet worked with us and therefore don’t know that we’ll deliver what we say we will, and that our straight-talking approach means that they’ll know exactly what’s happening each step of the way, whatever their project is.

Over our 20 years in business we’ve come across many perceptions about Keane and the services we provide. These perceptions have been both rewarding and frustrating. We’ve secured several clients whose perception of us as a highly skilled, experienced agency to ‘get the job done, and done well’ brought them through the door. The majority of these clients have since stayed with us because we’ve delivered quality results consistently. But what about those who don’t get to the door, because they have a negative perception – particularly with regard to a belief of how companies like ours work – how do we address those perceptions?

One way of altering perceptions is by using other credible sources to inform prospects. So for example we might choose to get stories in 3rd party market sector trade publications that are read by our target audience, or use other local well respected organisations to help spread good news stories about how we do business. Case Studies from real examples of how we work with others can also be used to transform or at least begin to alter any negative perceptions. The messages need to be well considered and ensure a personality is communicated, as perception is generally formed by generalisations, not specific experiences. .

With this learning people can form a balanced attitude towards our services which in turn will help their purchasing decision. It can then encourage them to come to the door – what happens from there is down to us and how we instil the confidence that we are the agency for them.

Of course a balanced attitude to what we offer doesn’t necessarily mean that a prospect will choose us, but it will at least give them something more to base a decision on than general perception.


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