'I just want more leads!'

“I just want more leads!”

A phrase we hear often when talking to prospects /clients about what they want to achieve through marketing. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet and throwing more and more budget at any single tactic will rarely deliver if you don’t have a few solid foundations in place first. This can be frustrating when you ‘just want more leads’, however, spending the time beforehand to ensure key areas are in the best shape they can be, should result in higher leads when you do launch your marketing campaigns.

The first thing to consider before expecting the leads to come flooding in – what type of leads are you looking for; is it fully qualified ready to go, or is it an email address from a download form? As long as your sales and marketing team are on the same page, there will be a clear management of expectation as to what’s potentially going to come in.

Once you’ve defined what a good lead will look like, you can start to put the building blocks in place.

Integrated Marketing Communications – Unified Messaging

It’s important to ensure that you have consistent key messages that are used across all platforms, from email campaigns and social media through to website content. Delivering a unified message across various channels supports the whole purchasing process and is likely to attract more customers than having inconsistent, incongruent messaging. Integrated Marketing Communication can help move customers more smoothly through the buying process and using consistent language can build robust relationships with the target market.

Be mindful of the customer journey – Touch Points

Identify the pre-purchase touchpoints for prospects when looking at your marketing communications. Customers will not all be at the same stage of the process – some will be aware of you already and what you offer, some may need educating on your product/service and the benefits of buying from you. Prospects who have only heard of you once are unlikely to jump straight into taking action. If you want to turn them into a bona fide lead, you need to engage them and generate interest for them to want to take action. Multiple touchpoints with benefit led messaging will support the process here.

User-Friendly Website – Calls to Action

There’s no point in doing all the hard work to tell your prospects how to get to the shop front if the door is locked when they get there. Make sure your website is easy to navigate as soon as they land on it. Combining clear and concise messaging with easy to use navigation and calls to action will all support in generating leads that your team can follow up. Keep an eye on what’s happening on your website too with tools such as Google Analytics or Data Studio. If you can identify what kind of activity is taking place on the site and where the traffic is coming from, you can use the data to inform your next steps – update/change content, add/move calls to action, focus on a particular marketing channel that is performing well in driving traffic to the site.

Only when you’ve got your strategy aligned and put these key pillars in place will you really be able to reap the rewards of your efforts to generate leads. Even when they are in place, it’s still a case of test and measure – if something is performing well, keep doing it. If the leads start to dry up, assess why and try a different approach – possibly increase the budget, possibly stop altogether on that one area and put it into a different tactic.

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