How does Marketing differ from Sales and why is it so important?

At the heart of Marketing, it's about the communication and education of your products or services with the target audience, making it easy for people to buy, which then simplifies the sales process.

Indeed, one of the key aims of Marketing is the communication of added value that means you should never have to compete on price.

Marketing is vital in communicating the facts, figures and benefits in a way that is required by sales from their understanding of the purchasing behaviours - to highlight the key benefits and added values that will help them to close that sale. 

Marketing is so often confused with sales as it is a huge part of the sales cycle – supporting the sales team with the communication of information encouraging the sale. The closure of the deal is truly where the sales team come into their own and Marketing can take a back seat. Sales will focus on all the work that the marketing has done and make it suit the individual that is either in front of them or on the other end of a video or telephone call.

Understanding the purchasing cycle and the associated behaviours at each stage is critical to ensuring your Marketing is as effective as possible as it will identify what messages and visuals are required in each case.

Speak in a language that your target audience will understand – do not use the technical language that you might use within your business day to day – keep focused on the prospect and what they want to hear.

Too many companies leave marketing to the Managing Director and whilst they are passionate about and understand in depth their product or service, sometimes they may find it hard to understand why others are not so excited or indeed what information is required to get that sale.

As many well trained sales people will tell us, only 7% of our communications are actually the words, the rest is our tone of voice and of course body language. So we should remember that, as 80% of the sales decision is based upon emotion, or ‘tone of voice’, Marketing demands an understanding to ensure the effectiveness of the communication, both text and imagery, in our promotional materials.

So, Marketing and Sales must work hand in hand to prove the most effective in a business.

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