Hospital Improvements After Keane Treatment

Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust invited Keane to pitch for interior design work to coincide with the development of the new CT Suite at Doncaster Royal Infirmary back in February 2020. Conscious that much of the funding for the new unit was from money raised by Doncaster Cancer Detection Trust, Keane new that the end result would need to be cost effective, whilst at the same time not compromising on quality of work.

Once appointed as the successful agency to deliver the interior design project, Keane met with the department leads to get a thorough understanding of not only the logistic, pragmatic side of the project, but also the emotional nature of the work – when patients are visiting the CT department, it is often an anxious time for them; the designs would need to be sensitive to the situation and environment.

Keane researched and investigated potential ideas, being mindful of constraints such as infection control processes as well as the practicalities of all the equipment requirements within the CT Suite. Following the research phase, a number of concepts were created and along with colour pallets and potential materials, these concepts were visualised in 3D and presented to the team. A concept was chosen and Keane worked this up to final artwork ready for application and installation.

Calming, uplifting design

Then Covid happened! The project was understandably paused with a whole new focus for the incredible team at DRI. Almost a year after commissioning, Keane were delighted to be able to complete the project. The calming, uplifting design starts in the waiting room and flows throughout the department, into the changing cubicles and corridor and across both CT Suites to bring a cohesive, fluid feel to the area. The main design features some subtle elements including a dragonfly as a nod to the DCDT and can also be used as a distraction technique when searching out other key elements.

Following the successful installation at DRI and the positive feedback received from colleagues and patients alike, the design was adopted for the new Bassetlaw CT area too, with a small tweak to the colour scheme to tie in with the existing features on site and to act as a small differentiation of the two sites.

Head of Radiology, Sara Elliott commented

““We love what we’ve been able to achieve working with Keane. In what can be a difficult time for patients, we wanted to create a more welcoming, relaxed feel to the area rather than a cool, clinical space. No one could have predicted some of the challenges we’ve faced in the process of bringing this project to life so finally being able to enjoy the artwork at both Doncaster and Bassetlaw is a real reward and further enhances the pride our team feels in working in the CT Department.””

HD Forwarding A5 Flyers

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