Choosing an Agency

Relationships really matter and you need to find an agency with the values to match your work ethic and brand proposition. Find one with the right mix of creativity and understanding of your brand and objectives – people you can talk to.

It is a given that ALL agencies are capable of creativity – what is critical is their understanding of your brief and how they are going to proceed through the journey to complete your objectives. They can then put their creativity to work and visualise your corporate personality in the materials they create.

A specialism in your industry is a great way to start, as they can really get to grips quickly with the sector and the way people buy.
Understanding the process people go through to buy your product or service and the key messages surrounding their decisions at each stage will help the agency to quickly ‘get’ where your challenges as a business are and therefore develop the creative to help you grow the business.



  • it is not all about creativity, it is about return on investment and what the target audience want to see and hear, NOT what you as a company or individual want to see.
  • When looking at their portfolios, the work in them is created specifically for another client’s business and is not intended to appeal to you.
  • Judge the agency on the variety, use of different styles and layouts.
  • Images make a huge difference to a visual piece – not all clients afford professional photography

"Great efforts are made to understand MPM as a client as we want to take the best of some out there, but remain as individuals whilst having MPM stand out for being MPM, not a me too business. Keane keep us ahead of the game and our Marketing improves year on year. Some things are easy to measure ROI and some things are intangible; I believe we get great value for money"

Ben Wilson - MPM

Working With

  • LMF
  • Mud Mate
  • We Can Grow
  • Peter Cook International
  • AGW
  • Leeds Welding Company
  • MPM