5 tips to keep on top of your Google Ads

So, you want to be top of Google, you’ve got a marketing budget, you're looking for leads and you’re ready to try something new. Maybe Google Ads is the next logical step for your marketing.

Here are our top 5 tips to make sure your Google Ads work for you!

Keywords & Matching

Keywords are what make the world go round.. maybe not, that’s probably still money, but the KEY(get it) to effective Google Ads marketing, in fact, any Google Ads search marketing come to think of it, is your keywords.

Before you start it’s imperative to know what your target audience is searching for to find what they’re looking for. Make use of the Google keyword planner & get some history and forecasts on what your keywords are likely to deliver for you. Many times I hear, ‘our audience is definitely searching this’ when in reality that keyword is delivering absolutely nothing within the client Google Ads account. Gather your ideas, trial them & adapt as you go!

Ad Schedule:

The default in Google is for your ads to be on all the time, eligible to serve 24/7 as long as your budget allows. This is all well and good, but in reality, there’s likely to be hours in the day or days in the week that you’re wasting money. Whether your campaign is about awareness or leads, phone calls or downloads, optimise your campaign to make sure your budget is spent when your audience is most likely to complete your objective.

Search Term Report

Arguably the best tool in your box, although it can be tedious & mind-numbingly boring scrolling through search terms that have triggered your ads, the search term report can open the door to lots of opportunities and save you money in the long run.

From removing irrelevant keyword themes to ‘keyword mining’ your best converters, if you’re going to run effective Google Ads, you’ve got to be all over your search term report.

The ad itself

It’s All About The Digital Real Estate You’re Taking Up. There’s plenty of tips and tricks to make sure you’re doing just that:

  • Capitalise the first letter of each word (a little like the first sentence)
  • Make use of relevant extensions – use all the extensions possible
  • Fill the space – you’ve got 30 characters in your headlines and 90 characters in your descriptions – use the whole space!


Just like anything in marketing you need to make sure you’re speaking to YOUR audience, yes your keywords help with this, but you can be even more granular in your approach.

Make use of the audience tools within the Google Ads platform, whether you’re targeting audiences directly or just observing to see what your audiences are doing with your ads  (whether based on your own Google Analytics data, customer data or Google attributed), it’s worth making sure you’ve got these implemented within your account.

Now there’s also a lot more to it, but by making sure you’re doing these 5 things you’re on the right track! If this still sounds a little bit daunting, why not get in touch with us to see how we can support you with your Google Ads marketing?

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