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Underfloor Heating 1

Underfloor Heating 1 are one of the leading provider and installer of underfloor heating systems across the UK.

they were

Before moving to Keane, UFH1 were at a point where their e-commerce website was underperforming and their marketing strategies lacked direction.

Where they
wanted to be

Increase in online and offline sales, whilst increasing Return On Investment and awareness of their brand.


20% increase in revenue
47% reduction in costs
55% increase in website traffic

How we got there

PPC MARketing

Prior to becoming a Keane client, UFH1 were spending a high budget on Google Ads with little success and a negative Return On Investment. Since moving to Keane, the UFH1 Google Ads account has seen improved performance, regular optimisations and most importantly, Return On Investment. 

solus email campaigns

Due to a poor initial performance on Google Ads, Keane suggested trialing ‘Solus’ emails. Since partnering with ‘Build It’, Underfloor Heating 1 have seen a large number of quality referrals including their highest ever number of referrals of 33 in February 2021.

social media marketing

Whilst UFH1 had a strong following on both Facebook and Twitter, they were focussing too much on selling their products, rather than building an online community. Since operating their accounts, Keane worked on publishing quality industry content, aiding customers in their understanding of underfloor heating, building a community of trust.


When re-designing and re-developing their e-commerce website, Keane moved the focus of the customer to more profitable products, ensuring we applied a consistent image of quality across the site. Not only was the site’s image and layout improved, the user experience and functionality was improved, streamlining the checkout process.

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