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Underfloor Heating 1

Underfloor Heating 1 are one of the leading provider and installer of underfloor heating systems across the UK.

they were

Whilst running a successful Google Ads campaign, Keane proposed a trial of Facebook (Meta) Ads to proactively explore new marketing avenues to deliver further growth.

Where they
wanted to be

With the knowledge that Keane constantly deliver successful campaigns, they were happy to listen & explore other options for even more growth.


Having another route to market that can be added in to the marketing plan to deliver objectives as required. Across the first quarter of activity, Facebook (Meta) Ads delivered an average Return on Investment of 510% a month.

How we got there

Audience Targeting

Using data from research and knowledge of the client, Keane identified & segmented the target audiences into separate campaigns, allowing for effective optimisation on a granular level.

Effective Tracking

Key to ensuring the campaigns function successfully is the use of effective tracking. Utilising a combination of tools including the Facebook (Meta) Pixel, Google Analytics and 1st party data, allows for optimisation of the campaigns, ad groups & ads and tracking their Return On Investment.

Audience-relevant messaging

Following the audience targeting, Keane devised a benefits-driven messaging plan to ensure that the appropriate messaging was shown to the relevant segmented audiences whilst also allowing for dynamic headlines where appropriate.

Campaign Goals

As with every marketing plan we implement at Keane, we always start with the end in mind. From the initial plan through to the running of the campaign, we build the campaign to focus primarily on what is important to the client - sales, leads & Return On Investment, rather than 'vanity metrics' such as impressions, clicks and CTR.

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