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The Lakes Orthotics

The Lakes Orthotics are specialists in private orthotic care, providing the full spectrum of orthotic treatment and specialising in Gait Analysis & Biomechanics, Shockwave Therapy, Paediatric orthotics and bespoke splints and insoles.

they were

The client was using Google Ads as a lead generation tool for their business, spending a large amount of budget each month, with little business coming back.

Where they
wanted to be

They wanted a consistently higher volume of high-quality leads at a more efficient Cost Per Lead.


99% reduction in CPL
7800% increase in leads
26% reduction in cost

How we got there

Bid Strategies

As there was limited in-house experience when the existing ads were set up, the existing strategies didn’t utilise the correct aspects of the machine learning capabilities of Google. This meant that the strategy being used was limited to people who would click on the add, rather than those with potential to convert. We amended the existing bid strategies to ensure that the account was maximising its potential to generate as many high quality leads as possible.

Ad copy amends

Looking at the Ads that were already in use across the account, we identified areas for improvement and refined the copy to increase CTR, and ultimately, reduce the CPC whilst also more obviously highlighting the key areas of expertise offered by The Lakes Orthotics.

Account structuring

Upon auditing the account, we noticed that the campaigns could be run more efficiently. We re-structured the account to split out individual campaigns which in turn would maximise potential and ensure efficiency across all of the campaigns.

Keyword optimisation

When analysing keyword performance, we noticed a number of inactive keywords and irrelevant keywords.  We implemented a specific keyword strategy across the account to ensure we appeared only for those keywords that were likely to convert. We also added a number of negative keywords to avoid paying for clicks that would not be relevant.

Conversion tracking

When taking over the management of the account, we identified a number of conversion actions that were not aligned to the goals of the business and the campaigns. We therefore removed a number of conversion actions whilst also adding in more relevant ones to focus on the key website actions that would ultimately deliver leads and sales to the client.

Audience targeting

Considering the business and the variety of audiences that would benefit from the services offered by The Lakes Orthotics, we identified a number of key target audiences and created specific, benefit – driven messaging to encourage conversion and to increase engagement from these audiences.

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  • KLC Employment Law
  • Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals
  • AGW
  • Doncaster Culture & Leisure Trust