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Peter Cook International

Peter Cook International is a leading UK supplier of upholstery supplies and sundries.

they were

With no specific Marketing expertise and limited in-house resource, the team at Peter Cook International were lacking in a focused Marketing approach.

Where they
wanted to be

They wanted to drive growth in to their business through a planned series of measurable Marketing activity.


A strategic Marketing plan with realistic deliverable tactics, a coordinated approach and key metrics to measure ROI.

How we got there

Marketing Strategy & Objectives

With limited resource to dedicate to Marketing, the first stage included running two half day Marketing sessions with the SLT from Peter Cook to really understand the business, their mission, vision and values as well as their short, medium and long term aims and objectives in order to help them think in a more structured way. From here we started the process of developing a Marketing strategy to tackle the business objectives. This included:

  • Competitor Mapping
  • Internal & External perception scales
  • SWOT analysis
  • Segmentation of the market
  • Ideal target profile
  • Market positioning

Tone of voice & key messaging

Once the groundwork had been done and target audiences identified, we developed the Tone of voice’ - taking their internal language into positive, benefit-driven messaging to ‘talk’ to the intended target audience and encourage them to engage with Peter Cook. 


With a clear strategy now defined and target audiences accurately segmented, a series of planned deliverable activities was put in place. This includes:

  • Regular, segmented e-newsletters each with distinct objectives and clear Calls to Action
  • Engaging social media campaigns across different platforms 
  • Paid campaigns across Google and Microsoft
  • Review meeting with activity reports and proactive advice for the next quarter.

Brand Development 

Having completed internal and external perception scales as well as market research and SWOT analysis, it was clear that there was a mismatch between the existing brand and the size and experience of the company. The brand needed to be elevated to be more representative of their quality, expertise and company values. Keane worked closely with the Peter Cook team to move the brand forward against the new defined values and positioning, whilst still maintaining a connection with their established client base. Initial concepts were drafted and feedback incorporated to develop further iterations. Once a concept was agreed, this was worked up to final brand and accompanying brand guidelines created ready to be launched in the near future. 


In addition to the quarterly activity plan, as Marketing is dynamic, there will always be Ad Hoc projects that require support. With a clear understanding of the business and its objectives and having developed the Marketing strategy, Keane are on hand to respond to these requests and turn them around quickly – meaning the SLT at Peter Cook can remain focused on other priorities.

Marketing Guides

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Essential Guide to Marketing

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Essential Guide to Online Marketing

Essential Guide to Online Marketing

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