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Bespoke POD System

Pennine Stone Limited

Pennine Stone are the foremost manufacturer of cast stone architectural dressings in the UK.

they were

Pennine Stone’s original Proof of Delivery (POD) system only allowed for documentation to be emailed to one client mailbox. If duplicate copies were required Pennine Stone would then manually search and locate the correct POD for the client.

Where they
wanted to be

To have a more streamlined, customer-friendly and efficient system that reduced the manual search time required to locate the relevant documents.


A fully automated cloud based solution allowing clients to view and efficiently retrieve PODs themselves without needing to contact Pennine Stone.

How we got there

Bespoke client portal

A bespoke password protected portal was built, that is accessed directly from Pennine Stone’s website. This capability allows customers to login to their unique client area and search & download copies of their POD’s making the whole process more efficient for both parties.


We created bespoke scripts that run frequently, to scan a designated mailbox where POD’s are sent. Email content and attachments are extracted, and the relevant details are extrapolated, and stored in the client’s portal. 

Software integration

Pennine Stone use a specific software to store their POD’s online internally. However, due to some process limitation, their software was not able to automatically assign POD’s to the correct customer / delivery making this a manual process. 

Keane were able to write an additional bespoke script which processes POD’s and sends the relevant information to a designated mailbox within their software, allowing it to automatically assign the POD’s correctly. 

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