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Leeds Welding Company

Leeds Welding Company are specialists in metal fabrication and laser cutting.

they were

After seeing poor performance through Google Ads, it was decided to trial Facebook advertising as an alternative to reach their intended audience.

Where they
wanted to be

Generating a consistently higher volume of leads, at a lower Cost Per Lead.


1467% increase in leads
85% reduction in Cost Per Lead

How we got there

Audience targeting

Using a combination of Facebook attributed audiences and 1st party data, we targetted a number of relevant audiences, implementing other new audiences throughout to test & measure, optimising budget to the best performing audiences whilst ensuring we only reached those with a sincere interest in the product.


Using a combination of single image and carousel ads, comprising both graphics and actual images of the physical product we trialled a number of different set-ups to ensure the ads in use resonated with the audience seeing them, optimising towards the best performing throughout.


Whilst Facebook advises to advertise across the whole range of Facebook Ad placements, we constantly analysed performance data ensuring we only appeared where the audience were most likely to convert.


Through analysis of the data from both the Google campaign and Facebook campaigns, we optimised our delivery throughout ensuring only those proven to be likely to convert, from our data, were being targetted.

Ad set segmentation

Using data-backed segmentation our ad sets are set up in such a way to ensure that we can optimise performance based on audiences, demographics and creatives.

Ad Scheduling

Making use of machine-learning, we operated the campaign on a lifetime budget allowing us to optimise the ad schedule to the best performing times.

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Working With

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