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Comprehensive Business System for Sister Companies

First Link Auto Parts & Powatechnic

First Link Auto Parts are a leading supplier and distributor of automotive components. They sell to trade and directly to consumers via their First Link websites. Recently, they have also launched Powatechnic as a trademark of Firstlink Autoparts Ltd, providing battery charger replacements for electrical appliances.

they were

With an extensive range of products and variables, First Link Auto Parts were manually inputting, searching and retrieving product related data, and manually processing orders which was time consuming and ineffective for dispatching products in an efficient, profitable manner.

Where they
wanted to be

To have a streamlined, digital process to manage all orders, stock levels, pricing structures and customer communications.


A comprehensive digitised Business System which manages the sales process including enquiry, order and dispatch as well as stock control, pricing matrices and an integrated CRM system.

How we got there


Identifying the key touch points of the order process, Keane designed and developed a bespoke solution that removes the pressure on manual input and digitised the whole process. The new system handles all orders, stock levels, products & product codes, different pricing matrices and currencies for retail and trade accounts respectively.  
Despite the size and complexity of the new system, the bespoke build of the Mustard Business System means the process is tailored to exactly what the client requires and there is no unneccessary / unused functionality within it. 


Diversifying from the automotive industry, First Link Auto launched a new business specialising in the distribution of battery chargers, repairs and parts & accessories. They approached Keane to design and develop their new website, safe in the knowledge that the Mustard Business System would be able to handle all of their requirements in the same way as with First Link Auto and Retail sites. Keane developed additional functionality to fit with the extra requirements of their offering, which included:  



With a vast product line, an extensive database was created in order to cross reference specific parts and quickly and easily show the customer which products are available for their requirements. If a specifically searched product is not available, a compatible part will be shown.


In order to quickly and efficiently monitor and manage Stock Control, a module was created which identifies key factors in relation to the location of a product in the warehouse, the quantity, price, order history, back orders and history log. This module also generates picking notes, dispatch notes and auto- generates QR Codes. These QR codes then scan straight into their accounts software with a pre-filled form, again removing the need for arduous manual input processes.  
When a stock level reaches a critical point, a replenish notification will be fired with the required replacement quantity specified.

Delivery & RETURNS

In addition to the dispatch notifications, a delivery note and returns form are generated by the bespoke system, branded with the company logo. 

consumer e-commerce website

Following the success of First Link Auto Parts, First Link Retail was launched with an e-commerce website for consumers to buy directly online. Whilst using the bespoke Mustard Business System for ‘back office’ functions, a new ‘front end’ was designed and developed to be more appealing to the retail target market. 

Voucher Codes & Discounts

The system has the functionality to create specific voucher codes and set the parameters to which they can be redeemed. Discounts can also be generated and applied to specific products. These can be switched on and off at interchangeable time periods. 

delivery matrix

Powatechnic also has a delivery matrix which allows for the creation of delivery options based on the criteria of  

  • Order Weight 
  • Country of Destination  
  • Courier

This matrix means a more accurate delivery cost can be calculated, rather than basing delivery costs on a percentage of the overall order cost.  

Quick View Dashboard

Both First Link and Powatechnic systems have an easy to read, ‘quick view’ dashboard displaying key metrics such as  

  • Sales
  • Successful Orders
  • Abandoned Orders
  • Revenue
  • Average Transaction Order

And can be altered to show a set date range or adjusted date range.  
In addition to the quick view dashboard is the functionality to generate more in-depth Management Information reports on the key metrics to help inform the businesses about current and potential future trends in the purchasing behaviours of their customers.  

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