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Integrated Bespoke Digital After-Sales Process


The Leisure Company delivers an exclusive living experience for relaxation and enjoyment; they offer a range of pre-owned and new holiday homes and also own and run their own Holiday Parks on the Lincolnshire Coast.

they were

The Leisure Company were using a manual update with excel spreadsheets to keep track of their after-sales process which included multiple arduous tasks to start, update and complete various duties such as maintenance jobs, site moves, customer ID creation and more.

Where they
wanted to be

To have a slick, streamlined and more efficient digital process to free up existing resource in order to allow the after-sales team to focus more on the customer than the admin of entering and completing the tasks.


A digital, cloud based efficient solution that streamlines the aftersales process allowing internal and external parties to access and manage relevant information.

How we got there

Project Scope

With a complex manual process already in place, it was imperative to sit down with the TLC team and fully understand the end to end process. As an external party to TLC’s existing procedures, it provided the occasion to identify potential improvement opportunities as well as ask critical questions that meant no step of the process was overlooked.

Digitised tracking

As the after-sales process is quite complex in its structure, we developed all the relevant ‘categories’, ‘fields’ ‘tasks’ and ‘documentation’ to alleviate the requirement for manual paper trails. The whole job tracking process is now entirely paperless, hosted on the cloud and accessed via the CRM system meaning that anyone within the team with relevant ‘permissions’ can access the relevant information anytime, anywhere. Backups are in place to ensure that should there be any outage, all the information is securely stored and can be reinstated.


The web development team at Keane wrote bespoke coding for new modules in order to ensure that the specific procedures of how TLC need to work can remain in place with the implementation of the digitised system.

As part of the development, a new portal section was created for customers to login and raise tickets / manage details relating to their purchases as well as allowing the upload of documents, information and photos etc. for any required maintenance jobs. This information is then auto emailed to TLC so they have real time information and can action accordingly.
In addition to this functionality, a portal section for TLC engineers was created so they can view and manage any jobs which have been assigned to them. The engineers can update the assigned job remotely, whilst they are completing the required work. This removes the need for manual paper documentation and means that all information can be accessed digitally by the relevant parties at TLC.

CRM Integration

The new after-sales process required the ability to create management reports and activity tracking reports in one central area. Having already designed and developed TLC’s existing bespoke CRM system, Keane developed the after-sales process to integrate seamlessly, ensuring that all relevant information (pre and post sales) can be found simply and easily in one digital location.

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Working With

  • Doncaster Culture & Leisure Trust
  • Peter Cook International
  • Mud Mate
  • LMF
  • Rejus
  • AGW
  • Leeds Welding Company