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Competition and USP - How Do We Stand Out?

When we offer the same product or service in the market place as our competition, how and what can we do to be different.

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Content is King: Why you should invest in content! {INFOGRAPHIC}

Content marketing is a big part of the online world today, and search engine's are rewarding websites that regularly publish good and original content with higher rankings, which in turn helps drives leads. Don't beleive us? Check out these facts!

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'Blogs', not just a dirty word used by Hipsters! 6 ways blogs can enhance your website

You know the type, sitting in Starbucks, with their flat white coffees tapping away on their Mac book air. They are what I think about when I think of authors of blogs, and may well be what you think about when thinking about blogs (by the way I’m not using Hipster as a derogatory term, many of my friends are hipsters). You may associate a blog with something that’s a little anecdotal, maybe a little personal and you may have not thought about its use for business.

Well I’m here to tell you to put on those horn rim glasses, change into that lumberjack flannel shirt and get growing that ironic moustache, because blogs are being used by a variety of websites, to a range of benefits.

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