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Turning Powerpoint into Practical Workbooks for Academies Enterprise Trust TSST teacher training course.

Visualising Mathematics to ensure an exciting and engaging approach for new teachers is essential, so it is with great pride that we can say we have supported one of the UK's leading Multi Academy Trusts DFE funded training courses, do just that.

We were provided with Powerpoint slides for 4 key sessions, each consisted of approximately 60 slides. We were then tasked to make each one into a workbook for the teachers to follow, allowing them to be able to make notes and use during the course.

The slides were complex, both in their subject matter, but also in their content. Many contained mathematical formulae and imagery that needed to be re-created. Our senior designer, (not the greatest mathematician) understood the objective, (if not much else), and made sure that the slides were clear and visually presented in such a way that the students are able to follow and make notes as required.

“Marketing is one of those subjects with which I have little expertise.  I was really impressed with the quality and styling of the work, it definitely exceeded my expectations. The booklets add a professional edge to the resources and reflect the high standards we aim to deliver.”

Adam Unwin-Berrey.
Regional Mathematics and Numeracy Leader (North)


Article by Keane Creative


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