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Top Tips When Building a New Site

A website is the face of your business and a key Marketing tool to reflect your brand’s values in order to talk to your target market and display your benefits.
Here are our top tips from our experience which will benefit any business when re-designing or creating a new website:

Have distinct business objectives

mpm-laptop-web.pngA website is a great promotional tool but it is important to understand that it won’t work in isolation. It will need to be promoted by other marketing tools: leaflets, social media, email marketing etc. It is important to measure the objectives for your website and if you want to find out how to then you should talk to a professional who deals with marketing plans every day.

Make sure you know who owns the intellectual property

It’s important that you ask when working with web development agencies that you know whether you own the website you are purchasing. Not all agencies let you own your website. So if you ever wanted to take your website to another company you wouldn’t be able to, meaning you would have to start from scratch. Check that you own Intellectual Property on payment of the invoice including your content management system.

All new sites must be responsive

Any SEO expert or web developer worth their salt will advise you to make your site mobile responsive if you want to
reach your market online. A third (33%) of internet users see their smartphone as the most important device for going online. Google will take into consideration whether your site is responsive and this may result in your site’s rankings suffering if it is not. Make it a priority to get your site mobile friendly as the figures for mobile users will only increase in the future.

There are only 8 second to grab attention

folio-revo-2.jpgThere are only 8 seconds to grab the attention of a customer on a landing page and make them want to continue to find out more. Make sure there is a clear message on the homepage about what your business offers. There is nothing worse than having a visually great website with top functionality if the person viewing the site can’t work out exactly what product you sell or service you provide. For example you could have a business which sells and rents caravans, you may have pretty pictures of caravans and a dropdown to select the features but if you don’t state that you sell and rent, then it may turn people who away that want to rent or vice versa.

Make sure you have a clear and visible ‘call to action’

If your marketing objective is to generate leads to sign up for your fitness class business, then you will want to make sure on the page which describes what exercises and routines the fitness class involves, that you also have either a phone number to call or a sign-up button to capture information about a person. Getting their name, phone number or email address in order to then contact them with dates of classes, any cancellations or give them the opportunity to sign-up for further emails about offers and new classes.

Easy usability

Your website should be easy to use and navigate. It should be designed to work with modern browsers, load quickly and provide relevant clear information.

Finally, it’s important to remember that marketing is no way a static, linear process. Testing and measuring is important in order to make considered changes to meet your goals. If you would like advice about building a website then please call one of our team of professionals on 01302 590 560.

Article by Keane Creative


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