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The importance of Design and hard copy Marketing in a Digital world

In a digital era, it is often easy to forget 2 things:

  1. The importance of professional design & Marketing
  2. The effectiveness of hard copy Marketing materials.

With ever increasingly full inboxes and telephone gatekeepers, the ability to get the messages to your targets is becoming ever more difficult.


Whilst it is often much cheaper to focus on online Marketing methods, you really need to make sure that they are effective and achieving the end result you are looking for. This requires a focus on the visual aspect and the messaging, not just functionality.

There are dozens of template software tools making it easy for you to develop your own website – but why would you?

Most important to a website is the ability to get the visual impact across in as few seconds as possible. This process is not straightforward particularly as you are not designing for yourself.

“80% of the sales decision is based upon emotion and your Marketing materials must re-inforce those emotions and decisions”

The website must talk to your target audiences, so whilst design is subjective, a professional designer or Marketing company will really help you to summarise the correct look and direction for your site.

Remember that your time (unless you are a website developer or designer) is better spent doing your job, time is money and a website can take you a very long time to develop.


PERSONAL TOUCH – Hard Copy Print, Why not have a Go!

Getting your messages across to your prospect, with ever increasing competition, challenging gatekeepers and masses of emails every day – is hard work.

This is why we are seeing the return of printed materials and the more personal touch in the Marketing Mix.

If you think about it, we are getting less and less mail through our doors, so we have less competition.
The world of digital print is extremely clever and coupled with a professional designer and Marketing thinking the opportunities are much better than ever.

Thinking about the main challenges your prospects face when purchasing your products or services and getting the message across that you can remove those fears is your biggest goal, professional Design & Marketing will make that process easier, quicker and more cost effective in the long run.


Article by Keane Creative


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