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The Growth Voucher

£2,000 off of your marketing bill!

Seems way too good to be true doesn't it, well it isn't.As part of a Government scheme, small businesses can get 50% off their marketing cost when they spend up to £4,000, so spend £4,000 and over and you'll get £2,000 off your bill (spend £2,000 you'll get £1,000 off, you get the idea!).

So let's get down to the nitty gritty details on how you can get 50% off your marketing cost:

Step 1

You will need to apply to join the programme on the website

Step 2

From here your business will have to carry out an assessment of your advice needs, either meeting an advisor face-to-face or completing an online questionnaire.

Step 3

After you have completed the assessment, you will be given a suggestion about which area of strategic advice would be the most appropriate. At this stage you will be told whether or not you have been allocated the voucher.

Step 4

From here you can contact us, as we are growth voucher advisors, we can help guide you through the process.

Step 5

When you contact us you will get a bespoke service designed for your needs whether it be a marketing plan, social media marketing, website design or a complete online marketing package.  Once a price is agreed for the work, the vouchers can be used to cover half the cost up to a maximum of £2,000 (not including VAT).

Step 6

After everything is completed and you're happy with the work we've done, we will invoice you for the work. Once payment has been received by us, you can then submit a claim for the subsidy. You will have to provide evidence that the invoice has been paid and give details of the service that has been received. Claims will then be processed and paid within 30 days of receiving the claim.

It's as easy as that! No hassle, no worrying just 50% off your marketing cost! Who said that things that often look too good to be true are?

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