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Remarkable Turnaround for MPM Following Devasting Fire

On February 6 at 11pm, Ben Wilson (MD) was woken up by a phone call telling him that the business that his father had established, in 1978 was on fire. The fire eventually destroyed everything.

mpm-fire.jpgHowever, two months on from the blaze, our client’s business, which employs 35 people, has found a new home and is already up to 80 per cent capacity.

Ben praised local businesses and the entire team, who pitched in with help and support in the aftermath of the blaze. MPM’s former neighbour Hopkins Catering stepped in by allowing the firm to use its broadband and meeting room.

Faced with such a shock and left with nothing, most people would fold and take time to consider their options – Not Ben. As the news travelled quickly around his network of contacts, Ben was very soon in receipt of details of some empty buildings that might be suitable for a relocation and for the company to immediately begin re-inventing themselves.

An empty unit behind Print Leeds became the favourite and Rod Fisher, the boss of Print Leeds, offered to put MPM up in the building. “It’s one of those moments where it restores your faith in human nature, he allowed us to move in the middle of February but not start paying rent until March 1 so we had two weeks’ grace.”



STRONGER TOGETHER – Team Culture Wins Through.

Despite the fire, MPM has managed to retain the whole team. “When the chips were down everybody knew that we were all in it together,” said Ben. Team Leaders were swift to move and reassure not only customers but also employees and suppliers. We made sure they all knew what was happening from an insurance point of view, what was covered and the fact that nobody’s job was in jeopardy.”


He added that seeing his team step up was the most pleasing thing from this testing chapter in the 40-year-old family firm’s history. “We’ve spent a lot of time and money on building that team culture and atmosphere within MPM, if that had fallen apart during the crisis it would have been soul destroying.”



The future is still “bright” for MPM, new leads are still coming in, but some of them they have had to turn away and recommend to other companies.
“We never like putting the phone down to a new customer without finding them a solution, even if that means recommending a competitor.”
Confident of hitting targets, the business is back on a sound footing financially.
“We are all proud with what we have achieved and want to shout about all that we are doing and make sure we not only get back to normal but perhaps even achieve more. Our Marketing partner, Keane Creative have been great at ‘just getting on’, helping us to get our essential documents back up and running and making the factory and offices feel like home. The CRM system they developed before the fire, meant we were able to get in touch with all our clients and suppliers and was one of our life savers in tricky times. With a new brand now in place and a 40th logo developed, we are more than ever determined to be #strongertogether.”  Ben Wilson

Article by Keane Creative


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