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Outsourcing your Marketing – Tips for Getting it Right

Over recent years, outsourcing elements of business, including marketing has become a smart strategy. Reduced costs, increased flexibility, a wide range of experts under one roof, lowered risks are just some of the benefits. If you are considering outsourcing your marketing, here are some things you might want to consider before you go ahead.

Find a team of experts under one roof

If you really want to be able to measure what you are getting for your money then you may want to consider hiring marketers, who can cater for your needs as one centralised agency. For example you may want to build a website for your business which a developer can do for you, however for example, once your ‘retail t-shirt’ website is live and working, there may not be orders flooding through the door. This is where a Marketing team comes in. They will help and be able to implement them with you. John Donne says it best, “No man is an island” and the same is true for marketing, a website will not perform on its own, it will most likely need other promotions such as an e-news to push people to your website, in order to buy your product.

Invest in quality from day one, to save you money later on

If you have a tight budget, just remember that marketing is a long term investment and it may be better to invest in quality from day one, to save you money later on. For example, if a website is critical to your business, it is more cost effective to build a website that can be adapted as your business grows, rather than use a template with a fixed design. If you need to focus on running your business, you should consider hiring experts who can be trusted to work on your behalf. This is especially important when hiring someone to plan and develop a marketing strategy.

Check references and credentials

Before hiring a third party, ask if they have case studies that are specific to your goals and demonstrates how the companies worked together. How did the client find working with the third party? This should not take a long time and will be worth the effort.

Set measurable and timely objectives

To ensure you are not wasting time, start by setting a clear objective together if you are not sure what your objective should be then always ask your marketing company for advice before you start working on a project. This way they can help you with realistic marketing proposals and define costs for you.

Find an agency that is able to challenge your thinking

Hiring a third party for your marketing services means that you will be in regular contact with them, so you need an agency who you can build trust with. This will enable both parties to look at a project from an objective point of view.

Make sure you know whether you own the Intellectual Property

When dealing with a third party, it is important to understand who owns the Intellectual Property. For instance when developing a website with a third party, make sure it is written down who owns the website. You don’t want a nasty surprise if you decide to take ‘your’ website elsewhere to another third party, only to find you don’t own it! This could mean starting from scratch.

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