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Maximise the impact of your Corporate Communications, even if it is Powerpoint

All our clients receive a stationery package as part of their brand development, and we encourage them all to ensure that they include Powerpoint style in that package. Just because powerpoint follows a structure and works with standard templates – does not mean you cannot make yours very bespoke and engaging.

Presto Tools Ltd

Presto Tools Ltd required a Powerpoint presentation that covered all bases including: group company introduction, individual company overview, product information etc.

They wanted to be able to keep a central stock of slides and then pick the relevant ones for each presentation, yet keeping the corporate brand and style across all slides. They also wanted the look to be different and help them to stand out amongst the competition.

Pryor Marking Ltd

Pryor Marking Ltd are seeing the benefit of using Powerpoint for the presentation of their case studies.

They wanted to be able to write and develop their own case studies in house, but as they have no design skills and still want them to look impressive, we developed them a case study template using Powerpoint rather than Word. Powerpoint allows them to have a more creative and varied final product.

They also now have a Powerpoint template that we created for them to allow them to develop their own product catalogue, without the need for training in design software.

Academies Enterprise Trust

Academies Enterprise Trust are one of the largest Academy Trusts, they use Powerpoint in their lectures, a great and functional way to get information and learning across to students.

Rather than just use notepads, they wanted to be more professional and offer the students the ability to see the slides in a work book and to be able to do working examples and write notes as the lecture progressed.

We took the Powerpoint content and developed a practical workbook for each session.

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