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Launching Essential Life Skills from EXPECT Youth

Following the successful implementation of the ‘EXPECT SUMMER’ programme onto their website, EXPECT approached Keane to support them in their next project, the promotion of Essential Life Skills - a range of extra-curricular activities that develop essential life skills in children and young people.

Keane developed a new “course directory” area allowing schools to register interest on available courses. After the booking is confirmed, a record is created in the website admin area, which generates a unique URL and “attendance form” which is then automatically sent to the school for them to fill in with the required information. The unique URL restricts access to the form, allowing only authorised personnel to view and edit data, meaning the system is secure and fully compliant with the new GDPR policies.

In order to monitor the positive engagements of the EXPECT youth programmes and track their outputs, Keane have also written bespoke scripts to allow API integration with an existing reporting system that is being used by EXPECT.

Developing these automated, bespoke scripts has eliminated the need for costly and time-consuming resource requirements within the EXPECT team to manually input data. It has also removed any duplication of data entry into different systems.

In addition to this, EXPECT can now easily and quickly run reports on a number of criteria, including:

- Summary of partners and venues linked with specific events and activities

- Attendee numbers across all courses and associated sessions

- Participant engagement – including the total number and frequency of which a participant has been involved in activities.

Peter Norman, Strategic Development Director commented: “EXPECT Youth has had a really successful year and with the introduction of a number of new initiatives we knew we needed to track our activity and keep a record of KPIs as part of our agreements with the relevant authorities. Keane were able to advise on the most efficient solutions and created exactly what we needed within the timescales we were looking to achieve.”

Expect - Essential Life Skills Flyers Expect - Essential Life Skills Website

Article by Keane Creative


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