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GDPR ensures Quality over Quantity

On Tuesday 26th September we were delighted to welcome over 40 delegates to our GDPR seminar at the Mount Pleasant Hotel.

Working in partnership with the national firm The Legal Director, our speaker was Rebecca Stopford, a commercial lawyer who has worked with us since we set up in business nearly 20 years ago.

The way we and most B2B clients do Marketing revolves around targeted lists of individuals and companies. A segmented, focused approach and ‘knowing’ your customer is essential to getting the prospect engaged and wanting to do business.

However, we now have to consider that the rules of engagement are changing and getting consent to market to these targets is critical, as is understanding the new rules of consent.

“The advice that Rebecca gave at the seminar was truly practical and whilst the law is still finding its feet and developing every day, we need to get started on cleaning our data to be ready and able to cope with the changes that are coming our way. Marketing does not often get immediate results and if we allow the new rules to slow us down, we could get way behind in our lead generation for 2018.”

Fiona Keane – Managing Director, Keane Creative Ltd

No longer can we gather names or even business cards and add them to our list unsolicited, we must gain their consent and tell them what we are going to do with their information. It is unlikely that the consent any of us has now, will be sufficient to comply with the new rules.

Rebecca Stopford from the Legal Director said:

All businesses engaging in marketing activity should review how they seek, record and manage consent and check now whether they need to make any changes. If they don't meet the new GDPR standard, businesses must plan for the future, for example, by refreshing consent. If you use a Marketing company they will want to see that this has been done as they can be equally as liable  for the data. The ICO (information commissioner’s office) is already starting to use its power and will issue substantial fines for anyone who does not comply”.

We are all going to have to get used to a new way of working and Marketing is about to get a wake up call.

Fiona Keane and Rebecca Stopford

Fiona Keane and Rebecca Stopford

Article by Keane Creative


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