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Don't let Twitter get you down! - Part 2

Here is where I go through tweeting, probably something that may be the most daunting to a lot of you.  There's a lot of jargon and rules that go with tweets, but once you understand what goes where and why, it becomes Childs play!  

What and why do we us hash tags? - This is a hash tag- #. Simple enough isn't it, but why do we use them on Twitter. When you place a hash tag before a keyword or phrase (phrases that follow a hash tag, don't have spaces e.g. #throwbackthursday), that keyword or phrase are then easy to search for in the Twitter search bar. If you click on that word or phrase, it will show you who else has used that hash tag in their tweet.  Hash tags tend to give your post extra reach, as other users who do not follow you can see the tweet. This leads me on to trends and trending. Best practice with hash tags is to use no more than 2, don't spam!

Trends and Trending

A trend is exactly what you might expect, something that is popular, on Twitter these are hash tags. So if I use the previous example #throwbackthursday, which is often abbreviated to #TT, (#throwbackthursday is just a trend where people on Thursday post pictures of themselves from the past), it is popular and trends (as you may expect) on Thursdays). Trends normally happen very quickly, and tend to be a topic of conversation that is big in the news.    


 A retweet is someone else's tweet that you share with your followers. There are two ways you can do this, with the built in retweet button, or you can copy and paste the tweet into one of your own tweets with a "RT" and their twitter handle before the content that your retweetng. You can add any of your thoughts on the retweet before the "RT", so it would go something like- "Wow this is cool RT @twitterhandle blah blah blah"- You get the idea!


This one's easy to get the hang of, a favourite is just the star below a tweet. If someone favourites a tweet, it's just a way of telling you they enjoyed the content, similar to liking on Facebook.


Now you understand the jargon, you can get down to tweeting. Remember you only have 140 characters, so again, keep it concise but not too casual, avoid text talking like a teenager, it doesn't look professional! Make sure all your tweets have consistency, keep it professional and keep it in keeping with your brand values, DO NOT go retweeting pointless rubbish like "Retweet for a chance to win" if you want to do that, do it on your own Twitter account, NOT your business one. Too many times I have seen small businesses make this error and it makes the company look like a joke!

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