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Don't let Twitter get you down! - Part 1

Twitter can be confusing to people not used to using it. Hash tag this, retweet that, trends etc. It can be a new world to those unfamiliar to the social media giant, somewhat daunting, where do you begin? I agree, when you look at it from the outside (like I did at the beginning), without prior contact  you may think it's more hassle than it's worth for your business, well you're wrong.  Here are some stats fired at you at supersonic speed:

  • Twitter users are 3 times more likely to follow companies on Twitter than they are on Facebook.
  • 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from companies they follow on Twitter.
  • 90% of twitter users say they follow businesses on Twitter to get discounts and promos.
  • 85% of followers feel more connected to small companies after following them.
  • 70% of small businesses are on Twitter.
  • You get the idea, I won't bombard you with facts and figures, Twitter=Good for Business! Now that I have(hopefully) converted you to an advocate. Where do you being with your Twitter journey, well this guide will help!

Step 1: Set up:

Setting up a Twitter account is the easiest part of Twitter, here are a few tips to help you understand the set up process.

Twitter handle

This is your username, what people will use when people mention you in a tweet or retweet you, for example @joebloggs. The best advice I could offer here is, KEEP IT SHORT! You will soon find this out automatically, but Twitter messages have a 140 character limit, if you have a long handle then this will cut into their characters.

The second best piece of advice I could offer is, KEEP IT MEMORABLE! You want your handle to stick in the mind of your consumer, refrain from putting numbers or other characters that may be hard to remember. You can change it later, but it's better if you get it right first time, then there is no confusion for customers finding you and it won't confuse search engines!

Get Connected

Here is where you start following people, what is following you ask? Following is simply allowing you to see tweets that that person or company publishes, these will appear in your tweet feed. People and companies can be easily searched for in the search bar.  The likelihood is if they're not a big brand or a famous person, you will also get a follow back (they get to see your tweets), bonus!

Profile details

Here is where you can add a bit of creative flair, click the "edit" button on the right hand side and you can change all of your pages details, such as profile picture, header picture, company information, website, location etc.  What's important to mention here is the image size of the editor boxes, if your image is too big or too small it won't look right in the boxes, or may be resized by twitter and parts cut out etc, the picture sizes are shown here.

It's here where you can update your whole name rather than the shortened Twitter handle. The description of your company is again 140 characters, keep it concise, don't go overboard with hash tags (if you don't know what hash tags are I will explain later), but don't ignore them either. You can also change the colour scheme of your page as well, make sure it fits in with your brand, consistency is key! (Twitter works on a HTML colour code, so you will have to convert it from the RGB colour code you may be used to, here's a good converter).   

Feel free to drop us a comment below!

Keep your eyes peeled, Part two "Tweeting" will be uploaded on the 23rd of July!

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