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Competition and USP - How Do We Stand Out?

When we offer the same product or service in the market place as our competition, how and what can we do to be different.

They say Marketing is all about out USP, but if we offer exactly the same service e.g. accountancy, solicitors – how do we stand out from the crowd?
There are 2 key factors that immediately spring to mind:

1. Your people
2. Your Brand

YOUR PEOPLE - People buy from People

Focusing on internal Marketing within your organisation is critical,

"One bad experience with one employee can undo all the good work that any marketing campaigns may have delivered."

Knowing and understanding the company brand values and ethos helps employees to engage better with the direction of the business and will allow them to communicate to anyone who interacts with the business in a way that is consistent with the key messages the company wants to portray.

How many times do we recruit on competence and sack on attitude? If we build company values and ethos into the recruitment process, we should have a better chance of retaining staff that have the same beliefs and values as the company, and therefore speak the ‘company language’.

"If you can’t live the brand internally, how can you deliver it externally?"

Your competition may talk a good game on their Marketing materials, but when you meet the individuals involved, if they do not speak consistently with the messaging portrayed on the website, you will feel a mismatch when you are in the sales pitch.

YOUR BRAND – sometimes the only unique differentiator from your competition.

Creativity can elevate a brand above and beyond the competition, and provide ‘loyalty without reason’. Get your image consistent and connected with your messages and you have a great start.

Sometimes we don’t know why we prefer one brand from another – it is just a ‘feel’ that we get. In most cases people feel things before they think logically – we go with our gut.

"In fact, 80% of the sales decision is often based upon emotion and so our Marketing activities must understand those feelings and re-inforce the emotions and help drive decisions."

This is where, as a business, we need to put thought to matching our messages with the creative visuals, ensuring it is all consistent and gives a strong emotional pull.

Recruiting a brand specialist is often the best way to create that ESP (emotional selling point). Finding an agency with the right mix of creativity and understanding of your business and objectives, most importantly – people you can talk to. Do not be wowed by creativity for others in their portfolio, it is what they can offer for your business that is important, creativity with intelligence.

Your People and Your Brand will help you stand out from the crowd.

In many cases these are the only key differentiators between companies. You need to invest carefully in both.

Article by Keane Creative


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