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Business Plan Online helps start-up businesses to Plan effectively

Keane are proud to have developed a fully responsive online system for the Doncaster Chamber of Commerce, guiding start-ups on how to create their own business plan. They can fill in and create the plan at their own pace, with an ability to save their progress and come back to it at any time.

The plan can be checked remotely by an advisor, before the plan is then finalised and formatted into word for ease of printing.

Whilst the system was online previously, this new, updated system stream lines the process of creating a plan, and dramatically improves the user interface and usability. There is a much improved security system with an SSL included and updated password encryption.

The new system has also enabled the Chamber to save a substantial fee for the hosting it requires.

From Client's Perspective
The client now has a clear and easy interface allowing them to see what sections they have filled in, what areas are pending checks, what areas have been checked and marked as complete, similar to a traffic light system:

  • Black if not entered
  • Amber if filled in and pending check
  • Green if checked and ok’d

From Advisors Perspective
Advisors can manage their client and give feedback to any section filled in, edit responses and provide feedback on other information required. Also advisors can easily manage and update the system adding new sections to the business plan or re-ordering as necessary.

"I was delighted by Keane’s very quick grasp of what we required and how quickly this has been developed and completed. All the advisors now have an incredibly efficient system that allows them to see the progress of each assigned clients with a straightforward ability to comment and advise"

Caroline Bond – Business Advisor

Business Plans Online

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