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'Blogs', not just a dirty word used by Hipsters! 6 ways blogs can enhance your website

You know the type, sitting in Starbucks, with their flat white coffees tapping away on their Mac book air. They are what I think about when I think of authors of blogs, and may well be what you think about when thinking about blogs (by the way I’m not using Hipster as a derogatory term, many of my friends are hipsters). You may associate a blog with something that’s a little anecdotal, maybe a little personal and you may have not thought about its use for business.

Well I’m here to tell you to put on those horn rim glasses, change into that lumberjack flannel shirt and get growing that ironic moustache, because blogs are being used by a variety of websites, to a range of benefits.


Here are 5 ways blogs can enhance your website:

Search engines

Blogs are a helpful tool to help climb the rankings in Google and other similar search engines. Why is this? Normal website pages are not something that can be updated regularly. A blog however can be regularly updated and offers another indexed page for your website that sees regular content updates. Search engines like Google see this as an indication that your website is one that is active and are then more likely to keep checking your website for content. The more indexed pages you have on your website the more likely you will be found in search engines thus driving traffic via organic search.

Social media

In a world where attention spans are short and our time shorter, content really is king and can help you stand out from the competition. Especially with social media, if you’re posting boring, repetitive content, your followers are simply going to click the unfollow or unlike button. Creating blog content provides you with interesting content to share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. Which will be engaged with by people on social media, drive traffic to your website, and generate leads for your company!


The whole idea behind blogging on your website is to generate a relationship with your clients and customers. If you provide helpful information and interesting content to your future clients then they are more likely to trust you and reward you with their business. A lot of the sales decision is based upon emotion, a kind of gut feeling, if a potential client comes to a website who put the effort in to offer free advice over one that doesn’t, who do you think are going to be rewarded with business? I know which company I would be drawn to!

Long Term Investment

You should consider blogs a long term investment, they aren’t going to have an immediate impact overnight, but if you stick with it you can slowly build on your website layer by layer. And unlike a magazine ad, publication, radio ad, TV ad etc. you won’t have to keep paying to see the ad published again, once you’ve paid (with your own time or maybe outsourcing the work), then it’s up on your website forever, and may generate leads 1, 3, or even 5 years down the line.

Build Credibility

Blogs offer your site credibility, if you publish content that is relevant to your field of expertise, that answers questions that your clients have previously asked or preemptively answer questions clients may ask. Then you’re establishing yourself as a credible source of information. Not everyone wants to talk to a sales rep or a customer service rep, as a lot of consumers don't want to engage with the company too soon, the more information you provide them the quicker you will move them down the sales funnel.

Show Important Information

Blogs are very easy way to highlight or showcase important company information, rather than altering web pages. This can be anything from a new product, company news or a special promotion that your company is offering. This way, all of this time sensitive information can be put up on your website without the hassle of creating new pages. You can then drive traffic to this blog through organic search, sharing it on social media, putting links back from guest articles and putting an email campaign together.

If you want to know more about blogs, or if you want help from Keane with content creation click here!

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