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Bespoke CRM System for TLC

Keane launch a comprehensive, bespoke CRM system that offers all the standard items associated with a CRM and so much more.


Not only is it the central resource for all the company information and assets, but allows full reporting on the effectiveness of conversion rates, stock levels and sales team effectiveness. With a direct link to the website, there is a seamless customer journey from enquiry to order.

The Leisure Company had a very basic system that was quite flaky, outdated and had several limitations, with little ability for the team to control and update the data. With the growth of the business and the busy nature of the sales environment, a more comprehensive system was required.

The CRM powers the stock on the website, and integrates with the website CMS, also developed by Keane, ensuring a comprehensive business process and consistent management of the customer journey from enquiry to order and beyond.



The new system was specified and whilst the following list of features are included, the list is not exhaustive:

  • Reporting facility to manage the effectiveness of the sales teams
  • Management and ability to action Internal audits of stock levels
  • Management of sales by enquiry, product, caravan and sales team/individual
  • Reporting on the effectiveness of individuals with each sales team
  • Assign tasks to individual sales personnel
  • Central location of all communications and daily reminders to individuals to contact prospects, automatically date stamped
  • Central location of company templates, incl. contracts, invoices
  • Uploading images and any other assets to individual products
  • Ability to automatically create forms
  • CRM links with website, CMS and 3rd party online mailing system Constant Contact
  • Ability to raise quotes
  • Ability to register incoming payments and print receipts
  • Automatically adds a watermark with the ability to crop, add filters and re-save images uploaded


“We are very grateful to Keane for their expertise in understanding our specific needs and their ability to deliver a system that brings us not just a CRM, it is so much more. It really sets the tone for how we run and manage our business, providing an excellent management reporting facility that I am sure we would not get from an off the shelf solution. Some marketing companies say they are full service – Keane truly are - focusing on customer engagement, business results and Brand, brilliant.”.

Article by Keane Creative


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