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Proud Award Sponsors

Last week Keane were delighted to attend the Annual Doncaster Business Awards organised by Doncaster Chamber as proud sponsors of the ‘Excellence in People Development’ Award. It was the second time for Keane in sponsoring an award and it was a real pleasure to present the Runners Up and Winners of this hard-fought contest.

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Launching Essential Life Skills from EXPECT Youth

Following the successful implementation of the ‘EXPECT SUMMER’ programme onto their website, EXPECT approached Keane to support them in their next project, the promotion of Essential Life Skills - a range of extra-curricular activities that develop essential life skills in children and young people.

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Proud Sponsors of Excellence In People Development at Doncaster Business Awards 2018

Keane are delighted to be sponsoring the 'Excellence in People Development' category at the Doncaster Business Awards in December

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Bespoke CRM System for TLC

Keane launch a comprehensive, bespoke CRM system that offers all the standard items associated with a CRM and so much more.


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Keane are delighted to be working with an inspirational local Olympian to help her deliver a new promotional direction.

Sarah Stevenson MBE who originates from Doncaster, but now lives with her husband and children in Liverpool, remains true to her roots and wanted to work with a Doncaster agency.

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Is Marketing a waste of money?

We’ve recently had a flood of clients coming to see us and asking our advice as they’ve come to a juncture with their marketing and want to know how best to move forward.

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Dynamic new website for Club Doncaster Foundation

It is great to be able to work with Club Doncaster Foundation. Whilst it has been a reasonably straightforward brief, the desired result needed to be so much more dynamic than their current offering, to better reflect the true nature of the team’s personalities and vibrancy of their offer.

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Partnership Working

At a presentation the other day, Charlotte Dimond of Sidekick PR explained the importance of partnership in successful working relationships and we couldn’t agree more.

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Perceptions and Attitudes

Perception - the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. A belief or opinion based on how things seem.

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Competition and USP - How Do We Stand Out?

When we offer the same product or service in the market place as our competition, how and what can we do to be different.

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