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Elke Blondiau

Fact File

  • Married to Richard and has one child - Maia
  • Pet Dog and close friend - Stewie
  • Grew up in  Leuven  Belgium
  • Favourite phrase: "I can find out if you want"

Elke Dakin

Business Administrator

Elke has been at Keane now for over 7 years and has a wealth of experience in the management and organisation of projects.

From events organisation and account management to owning her own business she has a wide range of experiences.

Her particular knowledge and passion for the internet and other digital media makes her well placed to offer both business and technical support to all Keane clients.

Elke's ability to also speak and understand a variety of European languages can also come in handy!

Having taken a year out to have her first child Maia, she has completed a Sage course and is coming back to work ready to take on new challenges and responsibilities.